About Us

SPLA Est. 2000

SP Life Arts has a long history and is one of the few art clubs in Singapore to feature plastic modelling in their activities.

This club allows people of similar interest to gather and share their skills with one another.

We have 2 divisions: Plastic Model [Plamo] and Illustration [Illus].

Plamo Division

We specialize in the construction and painting of plastic model kits.

Plastic model kits vary from Gundam kits, anime figure kits to scale models like armoured vehicles, aircraft, ships and cars. Occasionally, multimedia resin or metal model kits are built, usually by advanced modellers in the club.

Illus Division

We specialize in drawing both traditionally and digitally.

Our drawings range from Western to Japanese styles, but we also explore basic art skills such as shading and anatomy. We support the freedom of self-expression in art and even delve into simple animation.

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